5 Reasons to Switch to Cloth Nappies

5 Reasons to Switch to Cloth Nappies

December 20, 2019

Why switch to cloth? Here are 5 good reasons!

  • Disposable nappies last 400-500 years. The planet has enough problems without nappies adding to the situation. It is estimated that about 400,000,000 to 500,000,000 disposable nappies go into landfill every year in Ireland alone. In just ten years, that’s an additional 5,000,000,000 nappies. 
  • Wet disposable nappies are heavy. If you already have pay-by-weight bin charges and you use disposable nappies, you probably already know this thanks to your huge waste disposal bills. When I switched my first baby from disposable nappies to cloth nappies, I found my bin charges halved. At the time I was being charged 20c per kilo and one very wet nappy would weigh up to 300g. Now some bin companies charge up to 35c per kilo for excess weight charges. That would be simply 3 wet nappies costing you an additional 35 cent to dispose. 
  • Disposable nappies are a combination of plastic, paper and chemicals. A lot of the time when babies get nappy rash, it’s the chemicals in the nappy that the baby’s skin is reacting to. When you switch to cloth there is usually a drastic reduction in rashes. You are also saving on the cost of nappy rash creams.
  • A disposable nappy only has a flat bit of paper at the back, so is it any wonder why the infamous pooplosions happen? A cloth nappy has an elasticated section at the back, keeping the poo in the nappy. When caring for babies, the parents and caregivers are going to be dealing with poo one way or another. At least with cloth nappies the poo is contained within a specified location. God only knows where the poo can end up with a pooplosion!
  • While cloth nappies are often an expensive investment at the start, it is important to remember that the same nappy will last for years. Most one size cloth nappies will fit from about 1 month of age to about 3 years of age. The same nappy can be used on subsequent children too. While disposable nappies are very cheap by comparison to cloth nappies when purchasing them, the cloth nappy will be used for many years, while the disposable nappy is only used for a matter of hours.


When considering making the switch to cloth nappies, it is important to remember that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you only switch 2 nappies per day from disposable to cloth, you would still be saving about 2000 nappies from going into landfill over the course of one babies time in nappies. Why not give it a go! 


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