About Stojo Coffee Cups

About Stojo Coffee Cups

February 21, 2020

Another amazing brand of reusable coffee cup that we have alongside KeepCup on our shelves is the wonderfully innovative Stojo coffee cup. Stojo is a collapsible coffee cup that actually fits in your pocket, or neatly tucks into your handbag without taking up all the room. When we began our business My Cotton Drawer we had a stall at a farmers market selling reusable coffee cups amongst other zero waste items. At the farmers market every week we were stationed right across from a barista van. It was interesting to hear the amount of people that would tell me that they already had a reusable coffee cup, but it was at home. Well what good is it at home, when you need to bring it with you on your travels to save you from getting one of the dreaded disposable cups. Once people purchased a Stojo collapsible coffee cup, I would notice them each week getting their coffee, and clearly they had remembered to bring their Stojo with them!

Stojo pocket cups reusable coffee cups

It’s no secret, coffee connoisseurs often say their coffee tastes better out of a glass or ceramic mug. Glass and ceramic can be heavy though, especially when the coffee mug is designed to be durable enough for travel. Another downside is that these type of mugs are rather bulky, potentially taking up quite a bit of space in your handbag. You certainly wouldn’t comfortably fit a glass or ceramic mug into your pocket, nor should you want to. This really is where Stojo comes into their own. As mentioned before, there is no point having your glass or ceramic coffee cup at home. You are far more likely to pop your reusable coffee cop into your handbag or pocket when it is... well, pocket sized!


I get lots of questions about Stojo and whether or not they can be used for cold drinks too. Stojo can be safely used for a multitude of hot and cold drinks, along with a range of other items that you might need a pocket sized container for. Coffee and tea would be pretty popular in a Stojo, but I have also used it for smoothies, fruit juices and iced drinks. Some people even use Stojos for fruit, soup, crisps, nuts, and more.


Every Stojo cup comes with a silicone cup & tab, and a polypropylene sleeve, lid, & collar. The 16 oz Biggie comes with a removable straw. When this straw is removed, it is just a regular coffee cup, similar to the 12oz pocket Stojo, only bigger. The 12 oz Stojo does not come with a straw.


Stojo coffee cups and coffee beans

So a little bit more about Stojo itself..

Stojo was designed by three Dads from New York. Jurrien, Alex and Ben were all too familiar with the challenges of busy city life. When you're navigating rush hour on the subway it’s easy to choose the convenience of a disposable cup over doing what’s right for the planet. Jurrien, Alex and Ben knew they had to break that habit, and make it easy for others to do the same. After three years of ideation and development, the Stojo cup was born, making it the world's first ultra-portable, leak-proof pocket sized reusable coffee cup. Never again would someone have to choose between an easy portable coffee cup, easy and doing what’s right for the planet. Every year Stojo commit 1% of their annual revenue to environmentally focused nonprofits. Currently they are partnering with Lonely Whale. 


Stojo have provided us with detailed information on their products. Stojo pride themselves on using the safest materials and some of the best manufacturing practices. The silicone and polypropylene components of the Stojo coffee cups are FDA and LFGB Platinum Certified which is the highest food safety standard in the world. LFGB is the German food safety standard, which has safer and higher standards than the US’ FDA standards. 

Currently Stojo are sourcing virgin materials to manufacture their coffee cups, but they are actively seeking ways to incorporate recycled plastics and silicones into their product line to really further their sustainability mission.


Stojo coffee cups are free of BPA, BPS, cadmium, mercury, lead, and other harmful substances that may be present in cheaply and poorly manufactured products. All Stojos are manufactured responsibly in China. Their manufacturing operations meet acceptable standards for quality, safety, fair labour, ethical business practices, and environmental responsibility. Their manufacturing and sourcing partners maintain certifications for Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) standards. Stojo products are made in factories that meet the BSCI Code of Conduct, a rigorous set of requirements focused on employee rights, safety, and environmental regulations. These factories undergo regular audits by international organisations, and Stojo closely monitor the results.


Stojo are durable and recyclable. The first rule of sustainability is durability, and Stojo products are meant to last a lifetime. Stojos are made of LFGB certified platinum food grade silicone & FDA grade polypropylene, or #5 recyclable plastic. In case the worst happens, you can recycle damaged sleeves and lids wherever #5 recyclable plastic is accepted. The silicone cup and straw are amazingly resilient; but just to be safe, Stojo are working on a way to responsibly recycle silicone so that they can be prepared for when those pieces eventually do wear out (many many years from now).


Every year, 1 Stojo coffee cup saves 16 lbs of solid waste.

Every year, 1 Stojo coffee cup saves 23 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions.

Every year, 1 Stojo coffee up saves 281 gallons of water.

Every year, 1 Stojo coffee cup saves 16 lbs of solid waste.



Its easy to see how your Stojo will save thousands of disposable coffee cups each year. With its innovative design and its trendy appearance, hopefully it will also start new conversations, new habits, and new adventures.

Stojo reusable coffee cups

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