Breastfeeding and Choosing Your Nursing Pads

Breastfeeding and Choosing Your Nursing Pads

January 24, 2020

Breastfeeding, it was one of those things I thought I'd suffer out for 6 months max. Solely because my family have a history of auto immune diseases and I had read that there was a small chance I could reduce it in my kids. Breastfeeding wasn't something I though I'd exactly enjoy. Pre-children I really don't think I had any sort of motherly tendencies at all. Much to my surprise, I became a "feeder". Breastfeeding my children to the grand old age of three years. I won't pretend that it was easy though, there were some pretty significant bumps along the way. Mastitis, mastitis, severe tongue tie, reflux, another baby with more moderate tongue tie, nipple thrush, and more mastitis... But overall I guess I had it much easier than most. My babies gained weight well for the most part. 


Over those many breastfeeding years, I have tried out a whole variety of breastpads. In my early days of breastfeeding, I was all about the disposable nursing pads. Reusable breastpads were not on my radar at all. Despite being told that my first baby had a good latch, my nipples were in absolute shreds. The redness and rawness was so extreme, that nurses gasped audibly when they saw them. Finding the most comfortable breastpads available was my goal. I had tried almost all of the brands of disposable breast pads on the Irish market. There was one brand that I found ok, the rest were itchy, scratchy papery irritants to further enhance my breastfeeding woes. I distinctly remember on multiple occasions peeling the papery pads and adhesive off my very damaged nipples. Of course the brand that I found OK was quite difficult to get. Maybe all the other nursing mothers in Dublin realised too that they were the most comfortable. 
Baba and boo reusable breast pads
When I first discovered reusable breast pads, I tried them out for environmental reasons. I had ventured into reusable cloth nappies and reusable cloth wipes, so reusable breastpads seemed like the next step. Little did I know that the comfort provided by reusable cloth breast pads is so much better than with disposable ones. My first reusable breast pads were the Little Lamb Bamboo breast pads, which are exceptionally soft and would be one of the most popular in the market. There are many other brands with wonderful breast pads too, such as Baba and Boo, and Imse Vimse. Even if somebody has zero interest in the environment, I would encourage any breastfeeding mother to try out soft reusable breast pads from a comfort point of view. Your poor nipples deserve them! 


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