But what about the poo?

But what about the poo?

August 21, 2019

When talking about cloth nappies this is a question that comes up again and again.
*Warning* This blog post is going to be talking in depth about poo. If you are squeamish about this subject, please scroll on. If you have a young baby, don't worry you are well prepared for this conversation!
Most people who haven't used cloth nappies imagine that they are going to be a huge amount of work. When I tell them that the washing machine does most of the work, their next question is usually "but what about the poo". 
If your baby does very solid poos then this is really easy to deal with. Simply plop the poo off the nappy into the toilet and flush. You are then left with just a wet nappy that the washing machine can look after for you. 
In my personal experience, solid baby poos don't happen THAT often. If on the other scale of things, you are dealing with big mushy messes, this is where you might like to invest in disposable liners. A disposable liner is usually a biodegradable rectangle sheet that acts as a poo filter. The liner is placed on top of the nappy, and wee will go straight through to the absorbent part of the nappy. Poo will be caught by the liner. You can then bin this liner, and again you are just left with a wet nappy. 
Disposable liners are not guaranteed to catch everything. Occasionally if the poo is really bad, there will be a little bit on the nappy that the liner didnt catch along it's edges. This is still okay. When washing cloth nappies, you always do a cold rinse cycle first, and this is when these perimeter poo stains will be dealt with. 
A few things to remember:
- do not flush the disposable liner. Even I'd it is described as flushable, be extra safe and do not flush. 
- always remember to do put your nappies on a cold rinse cycle in your washing machine before your regular wash routine. 
- never use fabric softener, this prevents the nappy from doing its job, which is to be absorbent! 
This is a roll of Baba and Boo bamboo biodegradable nappy liners. They can be found here 
Baba and boo disposable biodegradable cloth nappy liners




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