Packaging and the environment

I have such admiration for those on the full zero waste/plastic free movement. We all live on this earth and need to make steps to preserve it from the frightening downward spiral we seem to be on. I make as many eco choices as I can, but at the same time I dont pretend to be perfect. Sometimes I might get caught out without a clean nappy in my bag, or didn't bring enough water so very occassionally I resort to buying the dreaded plastic bottle. I do think that if everyone ensured that MOST of their choices were sustaineable ones, then the world would be a better place.

Packaging for shipping out orders has always been a concern for me. I have looked into biodegradeable postage bags. These postage bags have a short shelf life before they start to degrade. As a small business with a relatively low turnover of postage bags, there would be a risk of a high volume of bags becoming unusable. I have also been told that the wet Irish climate is often unsuitable for them if the postperson were a little careless with them.

This leads me to the next option, and the problems posed by the wet Irish climate. Paper packaging. Paper packaging is just not going to stand up to rain. Heavier duty paper packaging weighs a lot more and will quickly ramp up the postage costs (thank you AnPost for constantly increasing your prices)

So the packaging option I have settled on is: if I must use plastic post bags, I will always make sure they are made from recycled plastic. Some goods that I sell do come with plastic packaging. I now request many of the suppliers to ship the goods with less plastic, but this isnt always an option the suppliers can make.

If you are on a zero waste mission and would like your order to arrive with minimal packaging, please feel free to email me at
and I can run through some options with you depending on what products you wish to order.

Aoife x