Why is Pit Putty Natural Deodorant so Popular?

Pit putty natural deodorant

February 28, 2020

The makers of natural deodorant Pit Putty are enjoying some very well earned popularity across Ireland and the UK. Sligo couple Luke and Laura worked for a long time on a natural formulation that would be effective yet without the harmful additives of conventional deodorants. Many other brands of natural deodorant really struggle to work efficiently, especially on men. This brilliant natural deodorant Pit Putty is effective on both men and women, and is safe to use. Pit Putty aluminium free, paraben free, plastic free, and vegan. Pit Putty use only use natural ingredients including nut oils, plant butters and essential oils.

Pit putty natural deodorant 


Pit Putty started out at a farmers market in Strandhill, county Sligo, alongside Luke and Laura’s natural soap bars, lip balms and more. They found  that their safe, effective, and gorgeous smelling natural deodorants were clearly a huge hit. They decided to streamline and focus on Pit Putty, and their success started to multiply from there.

Why is Pit Putty considered to be safer than conventional deodorant? An antiperspirant is usually an aluminium based chemical agent which works by stopping you from sweating. These antiperspirants block your sweat glands with the metallic salts aluminium chloride and aluminium chlorohydrate. It is widely believed that having these aluminium salts close the lymph nodes in your arm pits is potentially harmful to your health with possible links to Alzheimer’s and cancer.

 Pit putty natural zero waste deodorant

Humans have eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. Eccrine glands get activated during exercise and hot conditions. Apocrine glands are slightly different, these glands are primarily located in the armpit and groin areas. Apocrine glands get activated during exercise too, but they also come more activated when we get emotional, nervous, or excited. These apocrine glands also act as scent glands. In our more primal form this musky sweat can help attract a mate, both for males and females. The milky fluid from this particular type of sweat contains more nutrients, which makes it more attractive to the bacteria Staphylococcus hominis. When this bacteria and sweat interact, we get the classic stinky body odour.

Deodorants are different from antiperspirants and most deodorants on the market work by simply masking this body odour. Most deodorants use water as an ingredient so parabens are added as a preservative to prevent moulds growing in the water and to ensure a good shelf life. The Pit Putty formulation doesn’t include any water, so the need for the potentially harmful parabens is eliminated. Parabens mimic hormones so there are many that argue that parabens are potential hormone distruptors, although this hasn’t been scientifically confirmed.

What makes Pit Putty quite different is that it doesn’t have the potentially harmful aluminium salts, and it doesn’t just mask smells, but actually prevents them from developing. Pit Putty still allows your body perform as it should, but prevents the bacteria Staphylococcus hominis from growing and creating the nasty odour. Pit Putty contains bicarbonate of soda making it a mild alkaline. This will actually react with the acidic byproduct from the bacteria and neutralises it, so the odour doesn’t develop. 

While Pit Putty isn’t an antiperspirant, lots of people report that they don’t seem to sweat when using Pit Putty. One of the key ingredients is arrow root powder. This leaves a dry to the touch sensation and it’s used to absorb mild sweating.  

Pit Putty can seem a little unusual at first, when you are used to conventional deodorants. We recently sent some of this Pit Putty to Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ Radio1 and he actually initially mistook it for lip balm! Easy mistake! To use Pit Putty you simply need to scoop a bean sized amount with your finger and massage it into your armpits. Pit putty melts into your armpit easily, so it is easy to apply to even the hairiest of armpits, although you might find you use more of it. 

Pit Putty was formulated with expectant Mums to-be in mind. Some health professionals would recommend avoiding all essential oils during the first trimester of pregnancy and this is something to discuss further with your doctor. One of the original scents Basil, Lime and Mandarin, along with the newer scent Cinnamon Cedarwood are two scents would be best avoided during pregnancy. Although very limited research is available on the use of these essential oils during pregnancy, it is best to err on the side of caution. All of the Pit Putty scents are safe to use during breastfeeding. Go on, give Pit Putty a try, I think you will love it.



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