In 2008 Abeego was invented. Abeego is the original beeswax wrap. This brand of beeswax wrap was founded on two main principles. Firstly, that it breathes, and secondly that it should be inspirational. According to the founder Toni Desrosiers, if living food needed to be wrapped in airtight wrap then the rind, peel or skin of food would also be airtight. The natural skin of food is not airtight. By inspirational the founder means it looks good, feels good, smells good and fosters a healthier relationship with food. As the founder of the original beeswax wrap, Toni takes pride in inspiring others to take part in the beeswax food wrap movement.

Now you can say goodbye to cling film, tin foil and plastic sandwich bags and say hello to natural, breathable, and compostable food wraps. Abeego wraps are made with beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil infused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth. Abeego wraps will naturally protect your food by allowing it to breathe but at the same time protecting it from the air. We really love having this chic brand at My Cotton Drawer.