As Gaeilge

The incredibly popular and colourful Alphabet Jigsaws are also available in the Irish language. These wooden jigsaw puzzles As Gaeilge help to combine learning and fun for all ages. These ethically sourced wooden jigsaws are made in Sri Lanka, and they are designed in County Mayo, Ireland. The Irish language had been steadily declining for many years, despite most Irish people loving its uniqueness and tradition. The Irish language is simply not spoken enough day to day to maintain a good conversational proficiency, hence it’s decline. There is a growing and passionate movement in some circles to stem the decline and to keep the Irish language alive. One of the key areas to do this is to help nurture a love of the Irish language in children at a young age. What better way to do this than to incorporate the Irish language in these colourful and durable wooden Alphabet Jigsaws. What a wonderful ethical gift for those trying to keep the love of the Irish language alive.