Balance Boards

Balance boards, wobble boards, bounce boards... Whatever you like to call them, these provide great active fun for children and adults alike. das.Brett balance boards are also used in yoga and core strengthening classes.

das.Brett is dual purpose balance board or wobble board made in Germany. These boards are both a versatile workout tool and also a fun activity toy to help children play actively.

das.Brett helps you keep moving and keep entertained. It is also great for building confidence and suitable for fitness and rehabilitation exercises, and even yoga. A perfect companion for healthy lifestyle families. 

das.Brett translates simply as The Board! 


das.Brett Natural is made from 7 layers of beech wood that is harvested in Germany and is then shaped and oiled. This balance board is flexible, which means that you can use it for multiple purposes. Some other brands of balance board do not have this flexible feature which can limit their applications. For example a das.Brett board can be used as a fitness device, to keep your fitness level, or you can use it as a springboard for aerobics, yoga and other fitness training and gymnastic exercises.

das.Brett is the perfect piece of fitness equipment for teenagers and adults. Discover a wealth of exercises that das.Brett makes possible, strengthen your core and train your stomach, back, glutes and legs as you would at the gym.

For a glute and thigh workout, turn das.Brett into a living room surfboard by placing it on the carpet, sliding forward and back, and spinning in a circle. To really up the heat on your workout, do a trampoline-style bounce on the edges while exercising. For more ideas on how to diversify your exercise training program that includes warm up, cardio, stamina, and stretching exercises there is an illustrated manual with every purchase of das.Brett.

das.Brett can be used as rehabilitation and therapy tool. It can help prevent scoliosis and back tension by training the back muscles, making it a suitable companion for physiotherapy. Using das.Brett for high- and low-intensity exercises is a great way of improving your balance and fitness level.

A child's imagination has no limits, so no instructions are necessary for children. Children may balance, kneel or lay down on the board or they turn it into a slide, a swing,a bridge, a car racing track or even into a canoe. This board promotes creative play with your child and stimulates 'open ended play'.

Balance exercises were always an essential part of children's play and are vital for their physical development. The inspiration for das.Brett comes from Waldorf or Steiner education specialists, who pioneered the use of natural materials to stimulate child development by constructing see-saws out of split, hollowed-out tree trunks.

das.Brett is a natural product made in Germany to highest quality EU standards. Every das.Brett consists of eleven layers of beech veneer, making it extremely strong and supple. The beech wood is harvested from sustainable forestland in Northrine Westfalia. The beech wood is then glued and bent under high temperature. The finishing touches are made by hand in the Das Brett workshop in Leipzig, making each board a beautiful and unique object. Das Brett only use certified natural materials throughout the production process.