Bloom and Nora

Bloom and Nora are a fabulous British brand of cloth sanitary pads, from the makers of Tots Bots cloth nappies. Manufactured ethically in the UK, these soft and absorbent reusable sanitary pads are now made with recycled plastic waste for the protective waterproof layer. These washable sanitary towels are very popular at My Cotton Drawer, and they all pass the OekoTex safety standard. The brand was named after Amelia Jenks Bloomer who was an American feminist. Amelia was a strong supporter of bloomers and encouraged women to take a stand and move away from the notion that women should ride a bike in a ling skirt. Bloomers of course were great billowing pants. Inspired by her work, Bloom and Nora colourful reusable pads were created. Bloomer pads have a coloured fleece upper layer, and the Nora pads have a while staydry upper layer. Both types of pads now have the waterproof layer made from recycled plastic waste. There is so much to love about this brand.