Breastfeeding is important for you and your baby, breast milk protects your baby against lots of illnesses and conditions. Your breast milk contains essential enzymes, hormones and antibodies. These are vital for your baby’s normal growth, development and good health. Breast milk is tailored for your baby and their stage of development. It changes as your baby grows to meet their needs and protects them from illness. When you come into contact with a virus or bacteria, your body will make antibodies to protect itself. These antibodies are passed into your breast milk so your baby is protected too. Despite years of research, science still can't replicate this. It’s designed to meet your baby’s every need, however that does not always mean that breastfeeding is easy or even comes naturally to a new mum. We have some products to help you along the way such as breast pads and nursing pillows. Even you encounter some problems, With the right help and support, you can start breastfeeding and continue for as long as you want to. Seek help from your nurse, midwife or GP about breastfeeding during your antenatal care. Your local breastfeeding support groups should provide some much needed support.