Imse Vimse Flannelette Nursing Pads - Black

€14.95 €5.00

These washable and reusable breast pads in a discreet black are perfect for nursing mums. Breast feeding mums often experience leaks, this usually happens when your baby cries for a feed or sometimes milk may leak from one breast while feeding from the other! 

These nursing pads are made from 100% natural organic cotton flannelette which is very absorbent and comfortable.  They are breathable, comfortable as well as being lovely and soft.  The organic cotton pads are very absorbant and keep milk leakage away from your clothes.  The shape means they can be used with any bra.

Machine Washable 60 - 90 (we recommend  that you rinse in cold water before washing to dissolve the milk protein)

Size 12 cm round

6 pads