Cloth Nappy Liners

Cloth nappy liners make clean up time easier. Cloth nappy liners can be either reusable ones, or disposable ones. Even the disposable liners can often be washed and reused a number of times provided they are only wet, and not soiled.


Why use reusable cloth nappy liners? Reusable cloth nappy liners are usually made with fleece. These nappy liners are used to create a stay dry layer. If you are using cloth nappies made of natural fibres with no stay dry layer, although the natural fibres are very absorbent, they may feel damp to the touch. A stay dry layer from polyester fleece isnt absorbent at all, so the pee will travel straight through the fleece to the absorbent layers underneath. The fleece agaí at your babies skin will remain feeling quite dry. Much the same way when you take fleece out of the washing machine, it usuly feels much more dry than any other fabric in the washing machine.

Why use disposable nappy liners? If your baby does solid poos, then clean uptime is pretty easy. You can simply plop the poo from the nappy into the toilet and flush. Many babies don't do solid poos, and this is where a disposable nappy liner will really help you out. The disposable nappy basically filters the poo, and just the wet goes into the nappy. You can then bin the poo and the disposable liner. You are just left with a wet coth nappy.

Some nappy liners are described as flushable,  it just to be safe I wouldnt flush any nappy liner, even if it is a biodegradable one.