Imse Vimse

Imse Vimse is a Swedish company founded in 1988 by Marie Wallenberg. Over 30 years ago Marie was looking for a cure for her daughter’s nappy rash. One day she discovered the soothing qualities of cloth nappies and suddenly her daughters nappy rash was gone. In the 1980’s there were few concerns about the environmental impact of disposable nappies, so cloth nappies were very difficult to get. It is because of this scarcity if cloth nappies that Marie founded a cloth nappy company that would fill a market void and help people like her who were looking for healthy and eco-friendly care for their babies. Marie spent the next three decades perfecting and constantly expanding the range of eco-friendly textile products.

Now ImseVimse provide healthy textile products for both women and children using organic cotton and natural materials. Quality products and excellent working standards are a high priority for Imse Vimse and it really shows in their products. ImseVimse now provide a wide range of reusable sanitary wear offering women a convenient and natural alternative to single use disposable sanitary pads. At My Cotton Drawer we also stock their lovely range of cloth wipes, organic cotton breastpads and reusable make up remover or cleansing pads.