KeepCup are market leaders in the world of reusable coffee cups. we are delighted to have a huge range of KeepCups. From glass cups to steel insulated cups, with plenty in between. And brightly coloured sized from 4oz up to 16oz.

When KeepCup founders, and siblings, Jamie and Abigail Forsyth started a cafe business in Melbourne in 1998, disposable coffee cups were increasing drastically in the public landscape. This was the result of a busy professional life and a vibrant independent coffee scene in the city.
As their cafe business grew, so did their concerns about the volume of packaging being consumed, particularly disposable cups. Disposable cups being lined with polyethylene, they were non-recyclable.

In 2007, following unsuccessful trials of existing reusable cups, they decided to design and make their own – a barista standard reusable cup for people to enjoy better coffee on the go. And the wonderful KeepCup was born.