Lamazuna is a lovely French brand founded by Laetitia Van de Walle. In 2010 Laetitia was living in France and she was determined to replace her wasteful single use cotton cleansing regime with reusable microfibre wipes. Laetitia tested her idea with a group of her girlfriends and they absolutely loved it. Her Georgian house mate suggested the name "Lamazuna", which means “pretty young woman” in Georgian. The first product for Lamazuna were a huge success, the reusable microfibre cleansing wipes. Not long later Lamazuna launched their own reusable menstrual cup. The Lamazuna range continues to grow to the wonderful selection we have today at My Cotton Drawer. Reducing waste and simplifying beauty regimes, all of the Lamazuna products are eco friendly and vegan. The solid shampoo bars are sulphate free and palm oil free. All come in biodegradable cardboard minimal packaging. Completely plastic free.