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Cloth Sanitary Pads Panty Liners

Liner cloth sanitary pads would be similar to a standard panty liner. With disposable panty liners containing the equivalent of a couple of plastic carrier bags in each one, not to mention being processed with chlorine, there has never been a better time to switch to reusable cloth sanitary pads instead. If you wear panty liners every day when suffering from light incontinence, this is when you will really notice the plastic in a disposable panty liner. Cloth menstrual pads are more fresh for daily use and less irritating. They can just be washed in the washing machine with your underwear.

One of the most common questions would be how do you wash cloth sanitary pads? To avoid stains, rinsing in cold water is they key. You can rinse Your pad under running cold water and then wash with your underwear in the washing machine. If this is not an option and you are out and about, you place the cloth sanitary pad in a mini wet bag. When you gat home you can then rinse in cold water by hand, or run a cold rinse cycle in the washing machine. For dried in stains could think about soaking in cold water first.

  • Do a cold rinse either by hand or by washing machine, no detergent. 
  • Do a 40 degree wash with detergent and your other clothes. 
  • Don't use bleach. 
  • Don't use fabric softener and don't use detergents with added softeners. 
  • Line drying is best, and give the pads a little tug to reshape them. 

How many cloth sanitary pads will I need? Really that is a “how long is a piece of string question, as it depends on how long your cycle is, and how heavy your flow is. If you are using liners every day for light incontinence you can just wash with your underwear.

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For more advice and information on washing cloth sanitary pads and so on, please check out blog and FAQ sections.