Period Pants

Period Pants

We are delighted to add this lovely range of period pants to our eco menstrual range. These period pants are made by Flux Undies. Menstrual cycles just got simplified! 

How do period pants work?
Period protection providing full coverage during your period.
Lighter coverage to protect for spotting.

Daily coverage for postpartum bleeding. 
Lighter coverage for regular discharge. 

Incontinence protection for incontinence leaks.
Sweat protection with quick-dry action for sweating.

FLUX Undies replace disposables sanitary towels and panty liners, giving you the same protection but they can be worn just like normal underwear. In the office, on-the-go, or a night out, FLUX undies are your comfortable leak-free eco solution to your menstrual cycle. FLUX aren't just for periods of course. They can be used for postpartum, endometriosis flow, spotting, and sweating.

How do you wash period pants? When you've finished wearing them, rinse them until cold water until it runs clear. Then pop them in the wash with your other clothes and wash at 40 degrees. Then line dry.

  • Rinse in cold water.
  • Do a 40 degree wash with detergent.
  • Avoid hot washes.
  • Don't use bleach. 
  • Don't use fabric softener, and don't use detergents with added softeners. 
  • Do not tumble dry. 

We also stock Belly Bandit Anti Panti. These are not period pants, but they do offer some added protection from some light incontinence leaks.

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Period pants