Roll Eat

Why Roll’eat?

Our mission is to provide alternative products and abolish the need to use disposable wrappers that create waste after just a single-use. This is why Roll’eat innovates.

Our key objective is to raise awareness of the unnecessary pollution we cause with traditional food wrapping.

There is a growing need to care about the environment. By eliminating waste generated by plastic bags, tin foil and cling film, we can lower pollution levels, help protect the environment and improve our health.

What have we achieved?

We generate awareness through schools, local businesses and other institutions that encourage the responsible living. With the help of multiple partners, we are able to achieve a notable reduction in the use of disposable wrappings and make a significant impact on the future health of the planet.

How has a simple product made such a great impact?

Environmental effect

The reduction of pollution and conservation of the planet in figures:

  • According to a study by the ARC (Waste Agency of Catalonia), using Boc’n’Roll daily instead of aluminum foil will reduce the carbon footprint by 500 times.
  • The number of Boc’n’Roll units sold in 2018 will reduce the amount of waste considerably. Ordinarily, those consumers would create waste that could be wrapped around the planet seven times.
  • Thanks to agents of change, we generate great impact on the society. For example, we have worked in more than a thousand schools, where 3 kg of aluminum foil was generated daily.

Social effect

Direct impact on people’s habits and quality of life:

  • Using any of our products, such as Boc’n’Roll or Snack’n’Go, does not mean you spend more time. Just think about it; it is the same to wrap up a sandwich the traditional way…
  • The cost of a Roll’eat product is recovered in less than 6 months. As it can last more than 6 year, you will not need to buy aluminum foil rolls and other plastic wraps never again!
  • When investing in Roll’eat products, you not only contribute to the environment, but also encourage people to improve their quality of life by adopting healthier eating habits.