Smart Bottoms Cloth Nappies

We are delighted to have the wonderful Smart Bottoms brand in our collection here in Ireland. Smart bottoms was founded in America in 2010 by cloth nappy enthusiast and entrepreneurs Christy Malone and her husband Geoff. Since then Smart Bottoms has become known as one of the leaders in the cloth nappy industry. With eyecatching hand-drawn prints, superior fit and absorbency, and a certified organic cotton interior, it's no surprise that eco aware parents have taken a liking to Smart Bottoms' nappies. These cloth nappies and accessories such as wet bags, and the incredibly popular hanging wet bag, are manufactured ethically in the US. 

Smart Bottoms began widening their range of lifestyle products, and eventually created an additional brand known as Bumblito. Bumblito maintains the same standards of high quality and eye-catching prints. At My Cotton Drawer we are delighted to stock both of these fantastic brands. 

Smart bottoms cloth nappies and hanging wet bags