HYDROPHIL Konjac Sponge


Hydrophil Conjac Sponge

This soft, natural sponge helps to take care of sensitive skin while it cleanses. Ethically made from the konjac plant, this 100% plant-based sponge is perfect if you want a natural sponge that doesn't come from the sea. It is suitable for washing your face, babies and small children alike and helps to moisturise and can fight acne, thanks to its alkaline pH level. To use, simply wet it and sponge the skin by moving it around in circles.

Eastern societies have used the konjac plant for cleansing for milennia: it has been used for facial cleansing in Japan for oer 1,500 years and it is popular in Korea for gently cleaning soft baby skin. The production of the konjac sponge is an interesting one: the konjac root is ground down to make flour which is mixed with water and baked until it becomes a soft sponge that is ideal for cleansing.

Weight: 30 g

Launching their first water-neutral, fairtrade, vegan and sustainable hygiene products in 2013, Hydrophil is obsessed with reducing water-pollution and plastic consumption. What is water-neutral? It means using natural ingredients that are grown without artificial irrigation, such as bamboo, as well as being careful to use colours that don’t contain mineral oils or any additives which would leave residues in the drinking or ground water when composted. Hydrophil spent a year developing their bamboo toothbrush – the handles are 100% bamboo, which is a bio-degradable, plastic-free, sustainable and fast-growing resource, and the bristles are BPA-free, made from Nylon. We even made sure we tested out these toothbrushes first-hand, ensuring it fulfilled our strict criteria for a truly sustainable product that also cleaned our back teeth properly!