Stojo are an amazingly innovative brand. Created by a few dads from New York who had a vision of a more sustainable world for their kids. Co-Founders Jurrien Swarts, Ben Melinger, and Alex Abrams were chatting about how much waste to-go cups generate. But bulky travel mugs didn’t work well with their busy, urban lives. In 2014 they began their first kickstarter project, and by 2015 they created a reusable travel cup that’s easy to carry and store, designed so that you would be inspired to cut down on paper cups. Every time you use it, that’s one less paper cup that gets thrown away.

With their wide range of durable and collapsible silicone cups, they are an incredible brand to have in our store here at MyCotton Drawer. The collapsible feature of the Stojos mean you are more likely to bring these cups with you. The aren’t called a pocket cup for no reason, they do actually fit in your pocket! 

Every year Stojo commit 1% of their annual revenue to environmentally focused nonprofits. Most recently Stojo have partnered with Lonely Whale.