U-Konserve have a gorgeous range of ethically made eco food storage solutions. Their stainless steel straws and stainless steel food containers eliminate the need for single-use plastic containers and food wraps such as cling film and tinfoil. Every single product made by U-Konserve is non-toxic and free of BPA, phtalates and lead. U-Konserve products are ethically made in China and Taiwan in responsible factories that meet high environmental standards and treat their workers fairly. U-Konserve is accredited by B Corporation and this means that U-Konserve is committed to working in a way that benefits society and protects the environment. U-Konserve has also partnered with For The Planet, commiting to giving 1% of total sales to supporting vital environmental projects, and supports a number of smaller social and eco projects too. This brand makes a great addition to our range of reusable food containers at My Cotton Drawer.