Wet Bags & Mesh Bags

Wet bags and mesh bags, designed with cloth nappies in mind, but they can be used for a wide variety of other things. Cloth nappies, cloth baby wipes, cloth sanitary pads, even wet swimming gear can be placed in wet bags, and different sizes would suit each. The smaller wet bags would be most suited to cloth baby wipes and cloth sanitary pads. Medium wet bags would be ideal for out an about to hold a days worth of cloth nappies. Large wet bags or hanging wet bags are ideal for the at home storage of cloth nappies. The hanging wet bags in particular are ideal as a replacement of the traditional nappy pail. The hanging wet bag would hold all of the cloth nappies before wash day, and you would fit a full washing load into the hanging wet bag. For more washing advice on cloth napppies please check our our blog and FAQ sections

Wet bags are a truly versatile accessory.