Baba and Boo Small Wet Bag for Cloth Nappies


These small wet bags made by Baba and Boo are ideal for one or two cloth nappies when out and about, or even for storing your cloth sanitary towels of cloth baby wipes. Your investment in these nappy wetbags goes a long way. Don't think of it as a nappy bag, it's your all-purpose parenting bag. Designed for use with cloth nappies but their uses go way beyond that. 

Perfect make-up bags, toiletry bags, beach bags and great for trips to the swimming pool. If you do use them for cloth nappies when you are out and about, these bags will hold about 1-2 cloth nappies or are perfect for cloth wipes.The bag size is 22 x 27cm.

Features include a handle so it can hang on doors or hooks and a zipper fastening. The bags have a waterproof lining too.

Also called a wetbag, and it can be washed in the washing machine with your clothes or nappies.


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