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Bloom and Nora - Bathroom Bag


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This Bloom and Nora cloth sanitary pad bag is handy for hanging up in the bathroom at home to store a couple of days' worth of used cloth menstrual pads before washing them. This wet bag holds up to 10 pads, depending on size. 

In the interests of not causing undue alarm to the unsuspecting bathroom user, we recommend keeping your soiled reusable pads in this lovely zipped waterproof bag. With gorgeous boudoir prints, this bag with look delightful even in your downstairs loo!

Bloom and Nora are delighted to be the first brand in the UK to use 100% recycled plastic waste to make the waterproof PUL that's used for our reusable sanitary pads and bagsMinimize your environmental impactreduce, reuse and recycle, one pad (and bag!) at a time. 

Bag: 30cm x 15cm x 0.5cm

Washing instructions: Wash with your cloth pads using non-bio detergent at 40'C - do not use fabric conditioner or harsh stain removers as these can affect absorbency and damage the waterproof layer. Line dry after washing.

Amelia Bloomer, the American feminist was a strong supporter of bloomers - the billowing pants that did away with the ridiculous idea that women had to ride a bike in long skirts. Inspired by her work, Bloom & Nora pads are here to see you through your monthly cycle in comfort and style. Bloom & Nora pads are ethically made in the UK by Tots Bots, one of our favourite real nappy brands, and come in a wide range of sizes and absorbency levels, and a choice of stay-dry or natural bamboo fabrics - all of which pass the OekoTex safety standard.