Smart Bottoms Hanging Wet Bag

The Smart Bottoms hanging wet bag is a must for full time cloth nappy users. The Smart Bottoms hanging wet bag is the perfect alternative to a cloth nappy pail. It can easily be hung on either a towel or closet rod or a hook. This bag will hold at least 2 days worth of cloth nappies and can easily be emptied into the washing machine using our unique double pull zipper design. It holds approximately 20 AIO cloth nappies. Sealed seams allow for up to 3" of standing water in the bottom of the bag. Double pull zipper allows for easy emptying. Straps can be configured to hang on either a towel rod or a hook.
  • Material Contents
    100% Polyester (PUL)

    Size: 50x60cm

    Care Instructions
    Machine wash and dry on warm or hang dry.

    Made in the USA

Please note: the image of Narly shows the print in a different style of wetbag