Cloth Nappies

How many cloth nappies do I need?

To use cloth nappies full time, you would need at least 16 nappies. If you wanted enough nappies to ensure that you were never under pressure to have them washed and dried in time for their next use, ideally you would have about 20 to 24 nappies. This would give you 8 nappies to use today, 8 in the wash, and 8 out on the line drying.


How do I wash cloth nappies?

To wash cloth nappies simply remove the solids before putting them in the washing machine (using a disposable and biodegradable liner will solve this for you) and turn on a cold rinse cycle with no detergent. Then when this is finished add some standard detergent and wash at 40 or 60 degrees. Never use fabric softener.


Can you tumble dry cloth nappies?

Yes you can tumble dry cloth nappies at a low temperature, but it will eventually shorten their lifespan, as with any clothing.


Do you need to use laundry bleach or sanitiser with cloth nappies?

No you do not need to use these. A wash at 60 degrees will kill any potential bacteria. Some laundry bleaches and sanitisers could be damaging to the cloth nappies.


What size are cloth nappies?

Generally cloth nappies are either newborn size, or one size. Newborn cloth nappies will fit for about the first 4-8 weeks, depending on the brand and the size of your baby. A one size nappy will usually start fitting your baby at 4-8 weeks of age, and it will fit up until about 3 years. The poppers at the front of the cloth nappy will allow you to adjust the sizing.


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