We always strive to improve in key areas, especially our environmental impact. Packging is usually an unavoidable issue which we aim to minimise as much as possible.

Cardboard boxes:
All of the cardboard boxes we use are reused. In fact no piece of cardboard gets wasted here. As a result you may even receive your order in a shoebox! We save every box and piece of cardboard for reuse.

Mailing Bags:
Some orders need to go in mailing bags to achieve the lowest possible post rates for our customers. Previously we used mailing bags that were made from recycled plastic. We have phased these out and now we use oxy bio degradable plastic mailers which are 100% recyclable. These new mailing bags use an additive called “Reverte” that reacts to heat and moisture, if the mailers are disposed in landfill. The mailers break down over a few months, and leave no nasty chemical or harmful residue. The mailers are made using 25% recycled material and 75% virgin plastics. The additive is designed specifically to address the issue of plastic waste that gets into the environment and cannot be realistically collected.

Ideally these mailing bags should be reused as many times as possible. When they go beyond their reuse possibilities, they should be recycled. Worst case scenario, should these end up in landfill, they will biodegrade. 

Address labels:
We use semi-gloss biodegradable & compostable labels. Certified EN13432. Approved by "OK Compost"

Document Pouches:
We are completely phasing out the use of document pouches.

We now only use brown paper tape which can be left on paper/cartons for recycling.

Wrapping paper:
Most of our wrapping paper is reused packaging that we have saved.
We now also use brown kraft paper which is made in Ireland from damaged waste reels.

Business Cards:
Our business cards are made from recycled paper.

We are always trying to make improvements, and we always welcome suggestions.

If you would like to guarantee that your order arrives completely plastic free, please email and we can discuss options available depending on what you have ordered.