Baba and Boo - Mini Wet Bag for Cloth Sanitary Pads

€5.95 €4.20

These mini wet bags by Baba and Boo are perfect for holding your cloth sanitary pads when you're out and about.

They are similar to the larger Baba and Boo nappy storage wet bags, but this size is much more discreet in your handbag. They have endless possible uses, such as storing make-up and keeping your phone dry by the pool (as well as keeping your reusable wipes damp). 

The bag size is 13x18cm and will hold approx three medium pads or two large/XL pads.


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It includes all the features you love in our other bags - a handle so it can hang on doors or hooks, a zipper fastening and, of course, a waterproof lining.