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Bee Natural Candelilla Wrap 1 Extra Large Vegan


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🐝Planet friendly vegan "beeswax" wraps🐝

Now softer and more flexible!
Alternative to plastic cling film/tin foil. And it's VEGAN!
Candelilla wax is used for these wraps, it's from Candelilla shrubs native to Northern Mexico and Southern United States.

Reusable and washable
Eco friendly

Sizes: Extra Large approx. 40 x 40 cm (for baking tray, bread, large root vegetables)

Price: 9.50 euro for 1

<How to maintain>
Wash with COLD soapy water. Avoid direct sunlight when drying.
Do not use for raw meat and fish.
Not suitable for anything warm/hot - will melt the wax.

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