BiOBUDDi - Animal Planet - Cobra

€13.95 €9.00

BiOBUDDi have teamed up with Animal Planet to create a wonderful collection of animal sets.

The bio-based toy blocks are made from the remains of sugarcane plants are are produced in the Netherlands. The building blocks are eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable and specially designed for little hands. Children can combine the colourful blocks with different blocks to bring make-believe worlds to life! Stimulate your child's development with a colour sorting or fine motor activity and build a creation together with your toddler or preschooler. Kids practice lasting life skills through play and creativity. With this set you as a parent find out how toy blocks support your little one's developmental milestones, like learning colours, shapes and a lot more.

This set provides with 16 pieces to create a camel and also includes a memory game as part of the box.