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BiOBUDDi - Create 40 pieces (with 1 purple Baseplate)


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What would you like to build today? Would you like to create a big castle with a decorated hall to organise a party with sweet muffins? Create it on the baseplate with the educational blocks!  

Children learn through play with BiOBUDDi biobased building blocks. The colourful and cheerful toy blocks are suitable for children from 1,5 years old and are made from the remains of sugarcane plants. The environment-friendly blocks are not only recyclable, but also sustainable and make learning fun.  Building with blocks provide countless hours of fun and also provide opportunities to strengthen fine motor skills. When children master their foundational fine motor skills, they are able to further develop their cognitive thinking ability through simple problem-solving and the use of spatial intelligence. Therefore, BiOBUDDi is one of the most beneficial gifts to children. Build a tower, animal or city with BiOBUDDi educational blocks! Kids practice lasting life skills through play and creativity. With this set you as a parent find out how toy blocks support your little one's developmental milestones, like learning colours, shapes and a lot more.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a two-year-old? BiOBUDDi products are fun, educational and meet European safety standards. Combine the Learning to create set with Biba or Wildlife and build together with educational building blocks.  

Specifications: Contains 39 coloured building blocks. One baseplate. Sticker sheets. Multiple manuals. Age: 1,5 – 6



BiOBUDDi, the first 100% plant-based building block. BiOBUDDi believe it is possible to play and have fun with toys without harming the environment and we LOVE that idea! During day to day activities we produce CO2 into the air, Sugar Cane absorbs carbon gas as it grows, reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere. Sugar Cane is grown for many purposes, food, clothing and medicines leaving surplus product. The remains of the Sugar Cane are used by mills as a raw material and transformed into Ethanol. The Ethanol is then used to make Green Polyethylene. The Green PE is used for making BiOBUDDi in The Netherlands. The Products are recyclable. All packaging for BiOBUDDi is made from Recycled Card and BioBased plastic.