BiOBUDDi - Triceratops


BiOBUDDi bring you an eco dinosaur range in their incredible blocks.

The Triceratops, one of was one of the last large dinosaurs. This cannot be missing from our range of dinosaurs. By building and playing with Triceratops, the child develops creative and cognitive skills. Stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity with the organic toys from BiOBUDDi.

This building set consists of 38 parts, 25 building blocks, 6 slot blocks, and 7 expression cards and textbook.

  • Environmentally friendly made from sugar cane.
  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • The building is good for motor skills and fantasy.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
  • The toy blocks can be combined with the blocks from other brands.
  • Combine this set with other dinosaurs.