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Bloom and Nora - Nora 3 Pack Mini Cloth Sanitary Pads with Bag


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If you are looking for a reusable sanitary pad starter pack and you have a very light flow, this 3 pack of Nora mini reusable sanitary pads by Bloom and Nora is ideal. This 3 pack of boudoir print pads comes with a matching out and about storage bag. Mini pads are perfect for light days or flow, and can also be used for stress incontinence. 

Reusable sanitary pads are a bloomin' brilliant alternative to disposables, these little pads can be re-used for up to 10 years, saving thousands of disposables going to landfill. Don't run out of pads on your next period. 

Nora minis are bright-white and stay-dry, clever fabrics repel stains and keep you dry and leak free. 

Bloom and Nora are delighted to be the first brand in the UK to use 100% recycled plastic waste to make the waterproof PUL that's used for their reusable sanitary pads and bagsMinimize your environmental impactreduce, reuse and recycle, one pad at a time. 

Length 21cm (approx.), holds up to 40ml

These Noras reusable cloth sanitary towels have a white staydry upper layer. The Bloomers reusable cloth sanitary towels have a coloured fleece upper layer. 

Prints are varied from the Boudoir range.

This pack contains 3 mini Nora pads and 1 out and about bag.