Born Smart Booster 5pk


The Born Smart Boosters are made of organic cotton. They can be placed in the pocket of the Born Smart Newborn diaper and thus provide more suction. One pack contains 5 deposits. 
Each insert is 4-ply. The boosters can also be used in the Smart One 3.1 or in other cloth diapers. 


100% cotton (organic) 

instructions : Before use, the insoles need to be washed 6-8 times. Test the suction power by putting water on the dry diaper. The water should be absorbed immediately. If it breaks, the pad should be washed several more times. How often the diaper must be washed depends on the washing machine and the detergent.

Washable up to 60 ° C. Tumble dry. Do not use bleach or softener. 

Made in the USA.