Bumblito Beanie - Child/Teenager (Size 2)

€15.95 €12.95

These gorgeous mid sized (size 2) Child/Teenager Bumblito beanies are designed to be worn 4 different ways:

- Wear it as a traditional slouch beanie.
- Pull your bun or ponytail through the hidden hole in the top.
- Wear it as a thick headband.
- Pull it down around your neck for when you need a little extra protection from the wind or blowing snow. 
These beanies come in three sizes to fit the whole family.

Size 1: head circumference of 20 inches or less (50cm) or usually about 2-6 years. 

Size 2: head circumference of 21+ inches (50-70cm) however we believe it would suit from 7 plus years through to adult with smaller sized head. 
Size 3:  head circumference of 22+ inches (57cm-82cm) however we believe it would suit from 13 plus years through to adult. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This is labelled and packaged as Adult Size however if you like to wear your beanie comfortably (not too snug) then this is more like a child/teenager size*

The hole at the top is invisible, it can be opened out to create a snood or headband, and to recreate the beanie simply hold the seam at the rimland shake, and the beanie will reform. Magic really!
Beanies may be machine dried on low or medium heat with like fabrics. Washing or drying with rough fabrics or velcro items may cause snags or pulls.