Bumgenius Littles 2.0 Newborn Cloth Nappies


These Bumgenius newborn cloth nappies are designed for babies less than 12 pounds and fits below the navel to keep the umbilical area dry. These newborn cloth nappies are really teeny and will fit newborns snugly, eliminating leak issues caused by super skinny newborn legs. 


  • Soft organic cotton lining provides optimal absorbency
  • Improved front waistband dips below navel
  • Proprietary elastic designed specifically for cloth nappies
  • Waterproof outer cover prevents leaks
  • Durable plastic snaps keep these cloth nappues securely closed
  • Bonus doubler has an organic cotton side and a stay-dry side to provide an extra boost of absorbency


**In accordance with our retailer agreement we are not permitted to ship this product outside Europe**