das.Brett Bouncy Wooden Board - Oiled Natural


das.Brett balance boards are top quality bounce boards made in Germany that can be used as both a fitness tool for adults, and as an open ended wooden toy for children. This wooden wobble board supports intuitive play. It encourages imagination, play and exercise for children.

These boards are made from 7 layers of beech wood harvested sustainably in Germany, then shaped and oiled in Germany to the highest EU standards. The beech forests are grown without the use of pesticides.

Children can balance, kneel, or lie on the board. They can turn it into a slide, a bridge, or a canoe. The simplicity of the design stimulates their creativity. These are inspired by Waldorf education pioneers, using natural materials to stimulate children as they develop...

**please allow 3-7 days for shipping this item**

Teens and adults can use this board for high-intensity and low-intensity exercise, to improve their agility, endurance, strength, balance and coordination. Ideal for core strengthening and yoga. These balance boards meet high European standard for sport devices DIN EN 913.

Each das.Brett comes with a booklet of cardio-vascular, strength, and yoga exercises - you can view this online here.

Plastic free, cruelty free and vegan.

das.Brett is available in a few variations:

  • Colour (natural wood, red, mint).
  • Oiled vs lacquered. Choose lacquered if being able to wash it frequently is important, e.g., if using in a childcare facility or outdoors. Lacquered is only available in natural wood colour.
  • Cork cladding on the bottom side vs none. Choose cork if you'll be using on a stone/tile/wooden floor. Choose cork if the person using it is frail so wouldn't want it to slide. Choose without cork if you'll be using on carpet and are in good health (being able to make it slide on the carpet is fun and allows for cool moves!).

Practical information:

Dimensions: 86cm x 28cm x 19cm

Weight: 2.2kg

Max load weight: 120kg or 18st 12lbs

Age: officially suitable from 3 years. Children under 6 should be supervised. Suitable for adult use.


 **please allow 3-7 days for shipping this item**