FixIts Mouldable Bioplastic for Repairs - Multi - 8 Sticks


The incredibly versatile FixIts eco repair sticks are available in this brilliant 8 pack including pink, orange, yellow and green. The ultimate eco tool, this possibility of what you can fix is endless. You can fix your toys (and bikes, chairs, glasses, zips, mugs, and everything else) with this new product: FixIts!

  • It's like Sugru but made from plants, remoldable, and (industrially-) compostable! (And honestly, if Sugru would answer our emails we'd stock that too.)
  • Fix anything - dunk in hot water to soften, mold, and let it harden for 5 minutes.
  • Or make something you need - replace a piece for a game or toy. Can be textured and painted on (with acrylic (plastic - boo!) paints only though - like sticks to like). You can mix colours. Great for model making and miniatures.
  • Changed your mind? Put it back in hot water to soften and use again - as many times as you like.
  • Made in the UK from plants so carbon-neutral. Non-toxic. And industrially-compostable (organic / food waste bin), if you ever finish with it.
  • Strong: 1 FixIts stick can hold over 16kg

See the little book of FixIts (tips, tricks and ideas) here.



What it contains: 8 sticks of (re-)moldable bioplastic. Each stick is 150mm x 16mm x 3.5mm and about 10g weight