Flip Organic Cotton Cloth Nappy Night Insert 2 pack

€24.95 €14.00

2 incredibly absorbent night inserts to pair with your Flip cloth nappy cover. Only 1 insert needed per use.

Compatible with Flip cloth nappy covers, this insert tucks neatly under the Flip placement flaps. These ultra-absorbent inserts are Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton.

Thicker than the day insert, and super absorbent, these inserts are ideal for heavy wetting babies at night time.

Adjust small to large by changing fold direction.

These inserts will need a number of prewashes before first use to achieve maximum absorbency. Do not wash with fabric softeners as this will reduce the absorbency.

These inserts are approximately 15.5 inches x 13.25 inches, and they fold in 3 to neatly fit into the Flip cover. They have 4 thirsty layers of organic cotton throughout, so when folded in 3 you will have 12 layers of organic cotton.