Georganics Tooth Tablets - Activated Charcoal

€9.95 €3.95

Crafted entirely of natural, non-toxic ingredients, Georganics' Mouthwash Tablets are a travel-friendly way to keep on top of your oral health. Designed to be dissolved in water before gargling, swirl the mixture around in your mouth to freshen your breath and battle bacteria.

Made with natural and effervescent agents like cream of tartar and sodium bicarbonate, these tablets harness a cocktail of oral health-boosting, food-grade ingredients to promote a clean look and feel; sodium bicarbonate gently polishes and counters surface stains while antioxidant tartaric acid helps to prevent the erosion of gum tissues. In three variations, have your pick between which flavour and effect you prefer: 'English Peppermint' packs a traditional minty flavour and fights bacteria with refreshing peppermint oil; 'Spearmint' is infused with organic spearmint oil to freshen your breath and counter bacteria; finally, the 'Activated Charcoal' toothpaste helps to whiten teeth and battling bacteria.