We are boycotting Black Friday and we are participating in Green Friday instead.

Green Friday is not just another sale day with a different name. We really are participating in GREEN Friday. 
This Friday 27th November with every order placed we will be planting a tree. You will get to choose which type of tree, either a Mountain Ash or a Whitethorn. Why did we select these trees? They will be planted in an exposed location where many trees succumb to the harsh winds. These native tree varieties are hardy and are already thriving in the area, so we know these varieties can handle the harsh conditions.
How do I select my tree? When you are adding other products to your cart, simply add this GREEN FRIDAY TREE PLANTING, selecting which tree species you want planted. This will cost you nothing. 
Our commitment to you is these trees will be planted before the end of the year. We will document the tree planting on social media. There are some site preparations required first (fencing the area off to prevent deer from eating them while the trees are young) hence why we are unable to plant them this weekend, but rest assured, they will be planted for you.
Did you know... the Mountain Ash is considered the tree of Druids, and Whitethorn is known as a Fairy Tree. 
  • Mountain Ash (Rowan) has 28 dependent insect species which rely on the tree to live & feed.
  • Whitethorn is very important for our insects with an incredible 146 dependent species.
  • Both species of trees attract birds with their abundance of berries.