Hanna's Bee Wraps Lunch Pack

Hanna's Bee Wraps Lunch Pack

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A 2 pack containing a 35cm x 35cm beeswax sandwich wraps with button and string closure, and a mini wrap 20cm x 20cm

Ideal for Sandwiches and lunch items plus a smaller snack with your lunch.

Hand made in Cork.

Random selection of prints.




Clean with lukewarm soapy water and hang to dry.

Refresh and pasteurise the bee-wrap every few months by placing on a baking paper in the oven for a few minutes at 70-100 degrees.

Do not use with hot food, raw meat or in the microwave.

With good care ad regular use, you can expect your bee-wrap to last for up to a year.

Time to say goodbye to your bee-wrap? Compost it!


The beeswax coating will decrease with use. If you would like to restore it and increase the stickiness and longevity of you bee-wrap, you can DIY re-wax.

As the beeswax and resin melt into the fabric some spots or discolouration may occur. This is just natural and does not affect the performance of your bee-wrap.


Aluminium foil, cling film, single-use plastic pouches!