Hegen Neck Adapter (2 ­Pack)


Hegen Neck Adapter (2 ­Pack)

What's included:

2 x Hegen PCTO™ Neck Adapters, either wide or standard, whichever option you have selected.



Hegen PCTO™ Neck Adapters are easily compatible with most electric and manual breast pumps in the market. Select wide or standard depending on what type of breast pump you are connecting it to. Express, Store, Feed within a single container with no wasteful transfer of milk necessary! Simply attach the breast pump to the adapter to express directly into our Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage Containers PPSU, then swap the lid with a Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage Lid, instantly converting it into an air-tight and leak-proof storage container for storage in the chiller or a storage bag. To feed, simply reheat to desired temperature and change the lid to a feeding lid for convenience and no zero transfer of milk.

Everything happens within a single container, minimising wastage and making every drop count.


Free of BPA, BPS, PVC & Phthalates 



  • Compatible with most electric and manual wide neck breast pumps.
  • Express, store and feed within a single container with interchangeable wide/standard adapters, storage and feeding lids. No wasteful transfer of milk, making every drop count.
  • Organise smartly with snap-on interconnecting storage lids, enhancing stability and allowing multiple containers to bind together effortlessly.
  • Easily stackable when filled, optimizing storage space on-the-go or at home, the practical soft-square bottle design also nestles together neatly when empty.
  • Air-tight and leak-proof storage lids minimises the oxidation of precious nutrients in breast milk and keeps it fresh.
  • Growing with your baby, the storage containers can also be used as a snack cup or to store baby food, semi-solids, puree, biscuits, fruits or even juices!



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