HYDROPHIL Bamboo Toothbrush - Red - Medium Soft Bristle

€3.95 €2.95

These red bamboo toothbrushes with medium soft bristles are made from bamboo and petroleum-free bristles made from renewable raw materials (castor oil).
Hydrophil always use ecological natural dyes in cooperation with AURO.
Of course – water-neutral, vegan and fair.


Our environment is beautiful. Whoever sees it in all of its facets comes to the conclusion that responsibility and beauty must not be mutually exclusive. Our sustainable toothbrush in azure blue not only looks great, but it is also a good choice for the reduction of your plastic consumption. The handle is made of especially fast-growing bamboo and the petroleum-free bristles are made from renewable raw materials.

This brush’s medium-soft bristles made from castor oil are the perfect mix for a thorough cleaning of your teeth and the protection of your gums. As toothbrushes are worn by regular use, a new brush every three months is recommended.