Imse Vimse cleansing pads and mesh bag

€14.00 €9.95

These brilliant ImseVimse washable cleansing pads are made with 100% organic cotton terry, or 100% organic cotton jersey, and are ideal for anyone wanting to reduce waste in their household. At 8cm they are the perfect size for removing makeup. A mesh bag is also included for easy washing.

Never run out of make up wipe again, simply wash, dry and use again! You can use the mesh bag for used ones if you are away, and it will also help keep them safe in the washing machine. 

Available as packs of 10, just choose your favourite colour.

  • White and Black cleansing pads, and white pads with pink trim, are made of 100% organic cotton terry.
  • Green Leaves cleansing pads are made of 100% organic cotton jersey.
  • Paisley cleansing pads are made of organic cotton jersey on one side and organic cotton terry on the other.
  • 10-pack in mesh bag. 
  • Pad diameter: 8 cm/3.15 inch