Imse Vimse - Swim Nappy

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Reusable, washable and leak proof swim nappies for babies and young children

The swim nappy comes in a wide range of happy colours and patterns to choose from. It also consists of a soft layer of fabric that is leak proof, in case of small accidents and a stretchy bathing costume fabric on the outside. They are approved for the baby swim by ‘Swimming school Association’. Happy swimming!

Ulrika Faerch, Former Chairman of the ‘Swedish Baby Swim League’ and owner of Swimmix described our swim pants like this: “We at Swimmix think ImseVimse’s Swim Diapers are fantastic and meet our requirements for a really good swim diaper for the baby swim. ImseVimse’s concern about the environment makes the choice even obvious. We must work for our future – our children.”


Medium 7-10kg

Large 9-12kg