Imse Vimse Washable Wipes - Plain


10 pack of plain coloured organic cotton wipes with coloured trim.

ImseVimse’s organic and reusable washable wipes are perfect for both baby care and other uses. Facial care, personal hygiene or nappy changing. Wonderfully soft and thin and made out of 100% organic cotton. The wipes comes in two different prints and with four different colored trims. The wipes are washable, reusable, environmentally friendly and will save you money. A great use for our washable wipes is to use them instead of disposable wet napkins. Simply put som baby oil on the wipe and smudges and dirt will disappear in the blink of an eye. Put wipes in a container together with a dab of oil and water and keep in your bag instead of disposable napkins. Soft and so good for sensitive baby skin.