KeepCup - Brew 12oz - Satsuma (Glass)

€17.95 €14.95

KeepCup 12oz glass Brew coffee cup in the colour Satsuma. This medium sized glass coffee cup has a orange silicone band with a white lid. This is one of the best selling coffee cup for us. With toughened soda lime glass this makes for a premium drinking experience with no residual taste. This is a 12oz (340ml) medium coffee cup. Designed for better coffee on the go. This fresh glass coffee cup comes with a durable silicone band. The silicone band rather than a cork band means that you can place this in the dishwasher. 

Available in Small, and Medium.

Introducing our latest colour series, Changemakers. A tribute to the everyday changemakers, empowered by the knowledge of the enormous difference many small acts can make.



Medium:  12oz 340ml